Aims and Scope


The aims of the EWE are:

  1. Creation and promotion of knowledge in the field of environmental research and water engineering.
  2. Creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of environmental issues and water concerns.
  3. Knowledge interaction in specialized environmental and water engineering fields.
  4. Assessment of the water resources management and creation of the right environment to take advantage of past experiences in order to promote these managements.
  5. Attempt to explain the principles of sustainable development by introducing environmental components and principles of integrated water resources management.


journal's scope includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Innovations and solutions focused on enhancing water and environment management
  • Fundamental and applied research in all scientific and technical areas related to water quality and water, watershed and environmental management
  • Recycling of water and water treatment
  • Analyses of water consumption, pollution, and health hazards of water pollution
  • Integrated water resources and watershed management
  • Agricultural water management and water productivity
  •  Nexus of water-energy-food-environment
  • Climate change, hydro-environment engineering, socio-hydrology, and river engineering

 Article types

  • Original research papers
  • Review papers
  • Short papers 
  • Case studies
  • Letter to Editor