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1 Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 Razi university


The maximum scour of the flip-bucket occurs at the jet landing site, so it is important to know the exact path of the jet. In this research, by building two laboratory models in different sizes, the ability of existing relationships in predicting the jet path, length and coordinates of the jet peak was evaluated. According to the results, Kawakami's relation had better accuracy in predicting the jet path. The average error percentage of the jet trajectory length prediction in USBR and Attari relationships was less than 10% and other relationships were more than 20%. USBR, Attari and Kawakami relationships had a good estimate of the jet trajectory length along the edge. The error of other relationships in estimating this characteristic was more than 30%. In predicting the horizontal distance of the high point of the jet trajectory, the theoretical relationship and the profile of Kawakami and USBR had an average error of less than 10%. Theoretical relationships, Kawakami and USBR in estimating the max. height of the jet, have an estimate with an error of 23.7, 33.9 and 21.4% and according to the Nash-Sutcliffe criterion, none of these relationships have been able to get a very good category.


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